Rename multiple files easily

It’s very fast and simple!

This software will allow you to easily rename multiple files and file extensions.

For advanced users and developers, it is possible to use regular expressions.

Available in English and Spanish.

Requirements: JRE 6 or higher.


Version 1.6.0


Mac OS X

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Example of a massive file renaming
Example of a massive file renaming
Example of a massive file extension renaming
Example of a massive file extension renaming


It is possible to change the app skin by selecting one of the Substance skins from the application context menu.

In addition, you can set the default values for the Find and Replace with fields. In order to do that, you need to edit the file config.ini and set the values for Field.DefaultFind and Field.DefaultReplace, respectively.


You can contribute with translations.
The property files are located in src/com/ivanrf/renamer/resources. Use as a reference.

Also, it would be nice if someone could test it under any OS other than Windows or Linux (Ubuntu) and tell me if it works as expected.

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  • Raj

    Really good software, make my life so easy for renaming big batches of files. Suggestion – It would good if you display a message how many files have renamed after click replace button as confirmation (with count).

  • waddah

    helped me a lot .. God bless you

  • Lucian

    Thank you so much!

  • Nuno

    This is a very nice software.

    I can translate the resource files into Portuguese with no problem.

    As a matter of fact, it was so short and simple, that I already have the file ready to be sent to you. Just need to know how I should do it.

    • Ivan

      Nuno, you can make a Pull Request on GitHub, or just send me the file by mail after I contact you.
      Thanks for taking the time to translate it! 😃

      • Nuno

        Ivan, I already sent to you the file by email (really don’t know how to upload it on GitHub).
        No problem at all in translating the sentences. It’s really almost nothing and it is in my opinion the minimum that I could do to contribute to this very nice software.
        If in the future you have some further development and there are some more entries to be translated, feel free to send me an email.

  • Koziola

    Perfect! Saves so much time. Easy to use.

  • Mafu

    Amazing Software. Fast and Clean and very user friendly. Thanks.

  • Michael

    Thanks Ivan, did exactly what I needed, simple and easy to use.

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