Integrated Business Management System

Optimizes work and reduces costs through the use of new technologies

The Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) consists of four subsystems. Each of these subsystems has been developed from the ground up, using different technologies and programming languages. The various roles necessary for the fulfillment of the whole project were performed by myself.

Enterprise Software

Improves the enterprise’s productivity and efficiency


Management of receipts generated from the company to the customers and receipts delivered to the company by the suppliers. Fast and simple data entry, product suggestions. Automatic generation of accounting entries. Payment Management.

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Inventory management. Smart and massive price updates. Demand Planning. Stock control and expiration date warnings.

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Management of clients, suppliers and salespeople. Easy entry of customer payments, with automatic generation of receipts. Control of customer and supplier balances. Alerts on accounts with no activity. Vendor commissions and controls.

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Management of banking transactions. Control of own and third-party checks. Bank statements. Automatic generation of accounting entries.

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Management of accounting entries and accounts. Automatic generation of accounting entries for opening and closing a financial year. Compatibility with third party systems (SIAp – AFIP). Control of tax withholdings.

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Hundreds of predefined and customizable reports for all data types. Print previews. Includes support for dot matrix printers.

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Reports and graphics of sales and purchases. Analysis based on different data types and time periods.

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Automatic backups

System data is automatically backed up, using AES-256 encryption. Cloud backup support.

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Access control. Management of users and permissions, which limit the options and features users can access.

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Suppliers link

Integration with supplier systems. Automatic generation of receipts and online remote ordering, whose content is based on inventory shortage. Order management and current order status.

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Website link

Complete management of the website data through the software. Notifications and automatic download of new orders and web users. Automatic updates of the website data, like items and pictures, on a periodic basis.

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Mobile link

Automatically download orders from mobile devices. Data synchronization of customers and items to the mobile app.

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Friendly. Modern. Attractive. Simple.

System options are placed in a Ribbon to improve usability. The user interface adapts to different screen sizes. A special icon was designed for each option.
It is possible to safely run multiple threads without affecting user response time. The progress of running tasks and completion is reported in a status bar.
The theme and font size can be customized for each user.


Benefits customers and reduces operational costs


Customers have access to the company’s full range of products and are able to create and submit orders with ease at any time of day.


Sending a driver to take new orders is avoided, thus increasing profits from these sales.


Introducing the company to the Internet provides a new means of access to customers, thus broadening its public and potentially increasing sales.

Domain registration and hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, cross-browser compatibility, CMS and more…

Mobile application

Reduces the time required for order taking

Item queries

The salesman won’t waste time looking for prices on a printed list. In addition, he can enter a search term and be able to get all related items.

Order taking

Allows the salesman to take customer orders and store them directly on the mobile device. The customer will benefit since partial and total amounts from the sale will be obtained, allowing him to know his inventory costs before confirming the order.


The company will benefit from the reduction in the time required for order taking, which used to be carried out manually. Orders made with the mobile app are automatically uploaded to the enterprise software. Thus, order taking errors are eliminated, employee productivity increased and the customer experience enhanced.

Route optimization software

Optimizes multi-stop routes quickly and intelligently

Assistance in logistics

It eliminates manual routing and guesswork by deploying advanced algorithms to create multiple intelligent route plans quickly. It helps the company create optimized routes for order taking and delivery, providing the shortest path for a group of customers and reporting associated fuel costs.


By optimizing routes, the company reduces the time required to visit customers, fuel costs and staff costs. Also, optimizes vehicle utilization by delivering more and driving less.


Allows the analysis of the dispersion of customers in the city map and distribution of customers for different drivers. Also, includes reports to understand how delivery costs affect the profitability of each customer by knowing the actual cost per stop.

Customer reviews

  • IBMS allowed to reach unthinkable levels of efficiency. It is a very valuable tool and today is essential for the company, favoring the organization and operational performance.

    MonicaCEO of Freitas S.R.L.
  • With IBMS, all information is synchronized. Updated inventories and demand planning. Making decisions in real time. The whole system works logically and intuitively, making it easier to learn.

    MonicaCEO of Freitas S.R.L.
  • Employees quickly became familiar with the interface of IBMS. It is very user friendly, simple, intuitive and its learning period is short too. Furthermore, it is fast and makes our job easier.

    MonicaCEO of Freitas S.R.L.